Specializing in insect repellent products for pets and humans

Insect repellent products


“Skudo” - Italian  for “Shield”

works 24  hours a day…

10—12 months per year...

· Fight tick and flea infestation on dogs and cats.

· Prevent ticks from biting humans.

· In development—products that will fight tick

   infestation on livestock!

Tick and Flea Repellent for pets.

How does the product work?

The unit emits a range of ultrasonic sounds.  These sounds are intolerable to the flea/tick, repelling them from your pet and its close surroundings (basket/bed).  The sounds emitted are perfectly safe for humans and pets.  The unit is weatherproof and can remove existing fleas and ticks as well as preventing further infestation.  Parasites cannot build a resistance to its ultrasonic sounds.

Noticeable results within two weeks of continued use.  Range 2 square meters.


Tick and Flea Repellent for the Kennel.

For flea control, we also recommend that you control your outside environment as much as possible and treat areas around pet's bedding, house and garden.

The kennel is the place where your pet spend most of their day. The device should be fixed inside the kennel or where pet likes to lie down during the day or night.

Skudo Pet House will emit a series of ultrasound impulses that will disturb ONLY ticks and fleas, forcing them to leave the kennel area.

Tick repellant for humans when enjoying the outdoors.

Working on the same clinical tested and proven principles than the Skudo Pet, this product is worn by outdoor enthusiasts like hunters, hikers and gardeners to repel ticks.

A tick does not bite immediately when it get attached to a human, it take approximately 30 minutes before the tick finds a suitable place to attach itself to a human.  The device will assist to repel a tick before it can attach itself.

Ticks are responsible for the transmittal of diseases such as tick bite fever, Lyme disease and other serious diseases.

Skudo Pet & Pet House

Skudo Likes:

the idea of a holistic approach to animal health

the idea of a clever owner has a clever puppy


What:                 The World of Dogs & Cats and Pet Exhibition

Where:              Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

When:                17—19 July 2015




WODAC PET EXPO will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary Exhibition


SKUDO will be there!!  Stand No. 141G