The Skudo Pet is a small weatherproof device, which emits harmless ultrasonic pulses intolerable to ticks and fleas.

The Tick and Flea Repeller attaches conveniently to the pets collar and is safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant or older pets.

The Skudo Pet House  can be placed in an area that you want to protect from infestation by ticks and fleas — the kennel, your bedroom, patio.

Tested & proven by Professor Genchi at the University of Milan (Italy), Faculty of Parasitology in 1992.

The nice hot spring / summer weather brings with it a little problem for us pet owners – Fleas & Ticks!


There is an alternative to poisonous lotions and potions that have traditionally been used on pet’s, in the form of a small harmless natural ultra-sonic treatment against fleas and ticks.  These devices are about the size of a thimble, and they emit ultra-sonic frequencies which are inaudible to humans, cats and dogs... but are intolerable for fleas and ticks! As such, where ever the device is placed, tests have proven that fleas and ticks do not settle within several meters of that area.


The Skudo Flea and Tick Repeller, has a stack of clinical tests and trials behind it, which concludes that they do indeed work!!  So they’re not just a ‘gadget’ or ‘gimmick’ like many alternatives on the market.

The battery in the devices lasts for about 12 months!  So based upon the purchase price of the device, it is heaps cheaper than purchasing expensive chemicals, powders, lotions and potions that have to be continually applied!


The Skudo device simply attaches to the dog / cat’s collar.  It remains there until the battery depletes (approximately 1 year) and then is replaced.  Now you can’t get much simpler than that!!  No more chemical preparation, rubber gloves, keeping kids away from the pet whilst the treatment is still wet, etc.


Another product is the Skudo Pet House, a device is that you can place in a location that you want to generally protect from fleas / ticks, such as near the dog’s bed, or in the outdoor kennel perhaps, in your bedroom, or places where you think there’s a high risk of fleas or ticks.  This way, you’re protecting zones where your pets ‘hang out’ as well as having a Skudo on the dog / cat’s collar.  This is something quite unique, this form of flea and tick treatment which may be a breakthrough for some people.


There are generally 3 camps when it comes to dealing with the problems of flea / ticks on our pets;

1. People who take precaution 356 days per year and continually apply treatments / poisons to their dog’s or cat’s skin / coat no matter what the season.

2. People who only apply flea / tick treatment during the spring / summer warmer seasons and ‘risk it’ without treatment during the cooler months of the year.

3. People who never apply any preventative treatment, and only take action after their dog / cat has actually been infested with fleas or tics.

There are various reasons for these differences, such as finance – many flea and tick treatments can be very expensive to apply throughout the year.  Other factors may include the desire to avoid using chemicals and poisons on their pet’s skin and coat unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Some pet’s are even allergic to the traditional flea and tick treatments.


Others don’t like the fact their children are at risk from poisoning if they touch the pet during the initial treatment of the flea and tick treatment.  I’ve even heard of people who won’t use the chemicals because they’re highly flammable and don’t want to put their cat at risk from burn injuries by coating their skin in such liquids!  And lets not forget of course, many flea and tick treatments cannot be used at all on pregnant cats / dogs, or indeed puppies / kittens full stop.


So, if you are looking for a good method to protect your pets this year from the fleas and ticks that fill many dog and cat owners with fear as the warm weather approaches, then, there is an alternative to other chemical poison-based products, which we’ve had GREAT feedback about from customers in the past, called the Skudo Flea & Tick Repeller.


The above is a shortened, edited article published by “Nature of Science” in October 2009 - “Searching for a Natural Alternative to Pet Flea and Tick poisons and lotions”

The SKUDO tick and flea controller

To maximise protection, particularly if you live in a severe tick infested area, Skudo can be used in conjunction with other products, like any product on the market, Skudo cannot be guaranteed to provide 100% protection.  Check your animal regularly, regardless of which product you use.

For flea control, we also recommend that you control your outside environment as much as possible and treat areas around pet's bedding, house and garden


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- Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant or older pets

- Lasts up to one whole year

- Non Toxic

- Efficient

- Convenient

- Environmentally friendly no chemicals or odors

- Parasites cannot build a resistance to its ultrasonic sounds.

Skudo Pet & Pet House